Professional equipment for physiotherapy
Payback period of 3-4 months
1 year warranty
Online courses
In-house production
up to - 130 °C
1 год гарантии
Online курсы
Свое производство
Baht Overview
desired effect
The therapeutic effect of cryomassage has been confirmed by medical research and the modern practice of cosmetologists who have replaced liquid nitrogen-soaked cotton swabs with a cryo device, as well as positive feedback from patients.
The localized exposure to the skin's surface with extremely low temperatures is aimed at improving its tone and blood circulation, moisturizing, reducing inflammation, and eliminating visible blood vessels.
"Krio-Lokal" stands out advantageously with its working temperature compared to nitrogen-free machines, which do not allow the temperature to drop below -50ºC, significantly reducing the effectiveness of the procedure.
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Getting rid of acne, couperose, spider veins, and redness
Effective use in traumatology and orthopedics
Disappearance of fine lines and skin imperfections
Improved hair structure and activation of hair growth
Elimination of scalp oiliness, getting rid of dandruff
Treatment and prevention of joint problems
Overall skin rejuvenation
Body shaping, reduction of swelling
Who use the equipment
Clinics and medical centers
Our equipment will attract new customers and expand the list of services
And you will also get a competitive advantage due to the uniqueness of the offer.

Sports clubs and fitness
Another plus for the client is to get a subscription from you. You can sell the services either separately or include them in the subscription.
All of our equipment is suitable for self-use at home. After purchase, you will have access to video lessons in your personal account, and you will be able to enjoy the procedures with your whole family!
For personal use
Sports teams
Boost the immunity and endurance of your athletes! Daily wellness procedures allow you to speed up recovery after injuries.
Resort and wellness complexes
Innovative technologies in medicine are in particular demand among visitors, unique procedures will attract a large number of new customers. The equipment is easy to use and does not require frequent maintenance.
Pleasant and rejuvenating procedures will attract visitors' attention to your facility.
Even more new clients will seek you out for new sensations and results.
SPA complexes
Operator can adjust the impact on the skin
Easy control with a touch panel
35-liter Dewar vessel allows for over 20 procedures
The vessel is equipped with electric scales, which allows for knowing the remaining liquid nitrogen with an accuracy of 50g.
Nitrogen-air jet with a temperature of up to -130°C
we will produce cryophen according to the RAL color line
CRYO-PHEN "Cryo-Local"
Supply Composition
Size and Weight
Weight of Cryo-Phen with Siphon - 15 kg
Dimensions WxDxH, mm - 315x215x760
Nitrogen Consumption per 10-minute procedure - up to 1.5 liters
Power Consumption - 0.7 kW
Operating Temperature -50...-130 C°
Operating Mode
Time to enter operating mode - 2 minutes
Preparation for work - no more than 2 minutes.
Cryo-Phen Control Block - 1 pc
Cryo-Phen Siphon with Hose - 1 pc
Cryo-Phen Hose Nozzle - 3 pcs
Dewar Vessel Cart - 1 pc
Dewar Vessel SDP-35K - 1 pc
Decorative Dewar Vessel Cover in 3 parts
Decorative Dewar Vessel Cover in 3 parts - 1 pc
Power cable - 1 pc
Passport instruction, operating manual - 1 pc
Siphon gaskets - 3 pcs
Nitrogen level gauge (cryoprobe) - 1 pc
Flash card instruction, passport, manual - 1 pc
Online training course
Device for providing liquid nitrogen supply
A set of nozzles allows you to work both point-wise and throughout the body..
Исключает риск гипоксии, обеспечивает вербальный и визуальный контакт пациента и оператора, исключает риск переохлаждения ВДП.
Dewar 's Vessel
It is not a pressure vessel, weight 20 kg, volume 35 liters, weight with liquid nitrogen 50 kg. Diameter 500 mm, height 850 mm. It is equipped with a special trolley..
Local cryotherapy in traumatology and orthopedics
Local cryotherapy in traumatology and orthopedics has been used since the time of N.I. Pirogov, and its effects have always been aimed at local pain relief, anti-edema, anti-inflammatory, and hemostatic effects, mainly achieved in acute, subacute, and postoperative periods.
Online and offline training after equipment purchase
We have developed an online course for our customers
After purchasing the equipment, you will have access to detailed video tutorials. With their help, you can refresh your knowledge
or train a new employee at any time
Initial training for you and your staff
We will provide you with initial training right after delivery. Preparation and further setup will be conducted by a certified technician. After completing the training, you will be able to independently perform the procedures and also watch our video tutorials in your personal account.
Service support
"GRAND-CRYO" company has all the necessary material and technical base and highly qualified specialists for the prompt implementation of service works and technical support. By collaborating with us, you will receive excellent service support, excellent quality of services, and the possibility of contractual post-warranty maintenance.

We deliver worldwide
We deliver to anywhere in the world
the cost is discussed individually
Vladimir Shuppo
he engineer and developer of modern medical technologies, who has been investing in the development of preventive medicine in Russia since 2008, actively introducing advanced technologies to strengthen mental, energy, and physical health.

In 2023, Vladimir plans to complete the construction of the new five-star ski resort ALTAY RESTART in Belokurikha Gorny with a wide range of innovative health improvement programs.
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